Dana is from the San Francisco Bay Area and lives in Los Angeles. She started a business in college, and often jokes that Donni was her "real" major. She was calling celebrities and convincing them Donni was the next big thing. Donni had their first break when Jessica Biel was caught rocking her Donni Charm scarf in Ok magazine. The brand’s notoriety surged from there and Dana found herself leaving school for days at a time to fly to New York for  meetings with buyers at Henri Bendel, or hosting trunk shows at college campuses around the country. She loved the brand but the fashion world did not suit her, so she parted ways with the brand shortly after her graduation in 2011. The founder is still her dear friend and soul sister.

After college, Dana moved to LA and dabbled in the corporate world. After two years of small business consulting, she felt something was missing from her professional career. She missed the creativity and chaos that entrepreneurship brings. When her close family friend had the idea to simplify the wedding planning process,  Love Detailed was born. She kept her day job and spent nights, weekends, and lunch breaks growing the business until it was decided that they would go full time with this passion project. She left the corporate world in 2014. Love Detailed started as a brand and the duo spent the next three years growing it into a business. In 2017, Love Detailed caught the eyes of a successful creative agency and technology studio in LA and Love Detailed explored an acquisition.

After soul searching and trial and error, it was decided that Love Detailed would stay LD and not make the flattering acquisition offer a permanent move.

Dana has created Love Detailed from an authentic place. The companies she works with also value representing their brand's story in the same way. Her passion for businesses and talent for digital story telling has made Love Detailed one of the most sought after digital communication consultancies in LA, drawing clients from across the country.

When Dana isn't working, you can find her at a cafe sipping iced coffee, spending time with friends and family, or vacationing in her happy place, Napa Valley.

It takes time to know your story, and own your story. Let Love Detailed help you tell yours.